Cheers To Goose: Founder of All Seasons Adventures

All Seasons Adventures

In 1972 Goose made the move from Illinois to Salt Lake City to ski for the University of Utah. After school, he decided to move up to Park City for a break and do some more skiing. He enjoyed the area and everyone he met so much he decided to call it home. Along with skiing, Goose became very passionate about fly fishing and took up rafting after moving to P.C. He has been able to explore many of the surrounding rivers with these two activities. With spending so much time outside he has become an advocate for protecting this area so everyone can have the opportunity to enjoy it.

In 2001 Goose decided to start an outdoor guiding service, All Seasons Adventures. Its purpose would be to provide year round guided tours to visitors of Park City. He wanted to show visitors all the different activities you could do in and around Park City. Today, we still offer the same activities we did back in 2001, snowshoeing being the most popular for winter and rafting in the summer. Starting off with a handful of guides, Goose now has two partners and All Seasons Adventures has more than doubled in size! Below are a few quotes from some of our guides and their thoughts on why Goose is such a great guy to work for:

“Goose is great to work for because he actually cares about his employees. He also listens to input on how things could run better, not only to improve the experience for our guests, but for our guides as well.”-Ryan O’Rear, raft guide for seven seasons

“Goose is a great person to work for because he is passionate about what the company does. He is professional and takes pride in the company and his employees. He runs a tight ship which creates the best company on the Weber, but also is laid back and fun.”-Nate Rothe, raft guide for five seasons

“Goose is the best boss I have ever had. He has the ability to make you feel confident about your skills and has an ability to handle anything. He keeps it real and fun at the same time. I also love him because he loves dogs!”-Colleen Keblish, guide for three yearsAll Seasons Adventures

Needless to say we can’t agree more with them! Goose makes work an enjoyable place to come to and makes it feel like it isn’t work at all. He is very knowledgeable about the area and is willing to share all that information with anyone. Overall he is just a great guy and we cannot be more happy he is our leader!

Today you can still see him in the office as well as up on the mountain skiing or down in the river fishing. On the shoulder seasons you can expect him to be visiting Montana, fishing on the Missouri, with his wife and Golden Retrievers.

Goose, we can’t thank you enough for creating this incredible company and sharing his enthusiasm about the outdoor industry! Cheers to you!


Park City Chamber recently interviewed Goose about All Seasons Adventures, check out the video below!