Corporate Teambuilding

At All Seasons Adventures, we often cater to the guest’s desires resulting in an array of teambuilding options.  Over the years we have created events including:

Corporate events, park City, UT
Catapult competition

  • A day at the range- a western experience involving trapshooting, archery and target shooting
  • Get lost in the woods- solve riddles, learn navigation, hike, and shoot to find your way out
  • Mountain Rescue
  • Catapult competition- construct your medieval weapon before competing for accuracy

Mountain Rescue Teambuilding

Teamwork is a key component in every high functioning group. We have developed a comprehensive team building program to help groups learn to work closely and efficiently. Individual activities are designed to address each element of a complete teambuilding skill set. The final result is an experience that will teach each participant the values and skills needed to function as a group. Participants will be asked to fill positions in the group that include both leadership and follower roles.

The event is based on a mountain rescue theme with each group using GPS units to navigate through 4 or 5 stations depending upon the needs of your group. The teams will have a set amount of time to develop and actuate a plan to successfully complete the activity. Each team will be accompanied by a professional guide trained in the skills needed for each activity as well as first aid.

The guide will facilitate each activity, guiding the teams through the challenges. The team’s performance will be evaluated and points given based upon leadership, followership, planning, and execution. Points accrued during the activities will translate to arrows or pellets to be used for the final target shoot. The more points gained through successful completion of the initial challenges will result in more chances to hit the target and “win” the event.

The stations will include:

  • Stabilization and splinting of a fracture followed by transport on an improvised litter.
  • Boiling water by making a fire using a magnesium flint and knife.
  • Compass route finding to collect material to build a shelter.
  • Avalanche beacon search and rescue.
  • Bow and Arrow or Air Rifle target shoot.

Park City teambuilding

Following the target shoot we will debrief the activity as a whole group, focusing on specific examples of teamwork the guides observed during the event. Promoting the recognition of effective strategies, times to step in and help, as well as times to stand back let someone else lead. The end result is a group that understands their strengths and how to utilize these in the most effective manner. Over all however, this activity offers your group a fun, engaging experience they can all share and grow from.

Please contact us for further details and pricing.

All this and more!

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Park City Teambuilding